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April 24, 2017
by Mrs. Kitchell
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Fundraiser Delivery Info

Just a quick notification regarding our fundraiser.  Our fundraiser delivery is THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26th.  Pickup is from 4:30pm – 7:30pm.  Families should enter Door 3 (JH side) and proceed to the RSI Cafeteria.  Students with a small number of items (6 or less) may be able to take their instruments on the bus at the end of the day.


Along with this, I am in dire need of help unloading and sorting the boxes that are delivered.  If you are able to help at 1:00pm on Wednesday, I would be incredibly grateful.  I’ve created a Signup Genius link for delivery help.  Please click the link to help on Wednesday: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E044EACAD2AA0F85-fundraiser1

You would be able to take your child’s items at the end of the unload, saving you a trip back to RJH!

Regarding payment: as items are delivered, checks should be made to RJH (cash is fine, too).  If you are comfortable writing one check to Riverside, and having your customers pay you back, that is helpful.  Otherwise, multiple checks and cash are fine.

Thank you for all your support – this was a highly successful fundraiser, and I am so excited to turn around and use these funds creating excellent educational experiences for your children!

Looking ahead – we are almost at the end!  The Junior High Spring Concert is Wednesday, May 17th.  Our 6th Grade Spring Concert is Thursday, May 18th.  Look for more details soon, but please be sure to have the dates on your calendar!

Thank you so much!

March 27, 2017
by Mrs. Kitchell
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Fundraiser Update

Hello parents and families!  We are so close to Spring Break, and are right in the middle of our big fundraising campaign.  Hopefully, your student has brought home all the information.

I understand that fundraising is not always the most exciting event.  But I cannot begin to explain how vital it is to the success of our program.  Riverside has an amazing music program – one of the best in the state – much of which is due to the excellent teaching your children receive, the music they are provided, and the equipment available for use.  This is all provided through the efforts of our once-yearly fundraiser.

I am truly grateful for all the participation and hard work students and families put in to raising money; it is not lost on me.  The brochures are due back to Riverside on Thursday, March 30th.  The online fundraiser sales will continue through Spring Break.  So if you are visiting family, they can support the program, and have the items shipped directly to them!

You can find the online fundraiser here: Online Fundraiser.  Our Group Number is 35726.  Be sure to enter your student’s name, and then select “Save Student Information and Shop.”  This will ensure your student receives credit for the sale!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do let me know.  I appreciate all you do to support this program.

Have a wonderful week, and a restful Spring Break!

March 5, 2017
by Mrs. Kitchell
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ISSMA Contest Final Schedule

ISSMA Contest is fast approaching, and we have out final performance schedule.  This year, we are performing at Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate and Junior High.  Students are responsible for arriving on their own – please ensure they are on time.

Your child should have a brightly colored paper with this information, as well as much more.  Please ask them if you have not seen this paper yet!  I’m also attaching a copy of it here.  ISSMA Final Time 2017


5:55 pm –      SYMPHONY Orchestra needs to be at HIJH {room TBD}

6:10 pm –      SYMPHONY Orchestra warm-up

6:40 pm –      SYMPHONY Orchestra performance (on stage)


8:00 pm –      PHILHARMONIC Orchestra needs to be at HIJH {room TBD}

8:15 pm –      PHILHARMONIC Orchestra warm-up

8:45 pm –      PHILHARMONIC Orchestra performance (on stage)



8:30 am –       CHAMBER Orchestra needs to be at HIJH {room TBD}

8:55 am –       CHAMBER Orchestra warm-up

9:25 am –       CHAMBER Orchestra performance (on stage)


9:55 am –       CONCERT Orchestra needs to be at HIJH {room TBD}

10:10 am –    CONCERT Orchestra warm-up

10:40 am –    CONCERT Orchestra performance (on stage)


As always, let me know any questions or concerns.  And another reminder that our ISSMA PREVIEW CONCERT is Tuesday, March 14th at Riverside.  Concert is at 7:00pm, with students arriving by 6:30pm.


Have a great week!