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August 21, 2015
by Miss Marvin
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Set Up Remind

Hello!  Today, we took a few minutes to set up the Remind app, and get registered for the correct class.  If you didn’t get yours completed, please see below on how to get registered.

By Text (easiest way):

Enter the phone number: 81010

Send the following code (exactly as shown, with nothing else):

Concert: @rjhconcert

Symphony: @rjhsymph

Philharmonic: @rjhphil


Type in the following address, with your code as the last part (without the @ symbol)

www.remind.com/join/_______ (replace the blank with “rjhconcert” “rjhsymph” or “rjhphil”)


If you have the Remind app, you can also register there.  Use the codes above to help you find the correct class.


Please have this done by Monday, if possible!  Have a great weekend!

August 13, 2014
by Miss Marvin
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Week 1: Done!

Hello!  Thanks for checking in on the website!

Whew!  We’ve made it through the first three days!

I hope you are as excited for a great school year as I am!  I have updated the “Forms and Files” link to include copies of the classroom procedures, as well as the return envelope and concert dates.  Students all received a color-coded copy in class this week.  Please get these signed and returned as soon as possible!

We are through all the boring things – instrument, folder, and rack assignments, school and classroom info, and procedures.  We played our first notes today, and it felt good!  A little rusty maybe…. :-)

Students WILL need their instruments EVERY DAY from now on.

As always, contact me with any questions or concerns.  Have a great week!  I look forward to seeing many of you at Meet the Teacher night on Wednesday, August 19th!

Miss Marvin

September 6, 2012
by Miss Marvin
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Music Theory Resources!

Hello!  Below are several links to music theory resources.  Use these to help you practice key signatures, note naming, ear training (hearing things), etc!





And some sites to check out cool music stories/programs/shows



Happy Practicing!