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March 21, 2016
by Mrs. Kitchell
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Spring Orchestra Fundraiser

Hello parents!  Today we kicked off our yearly Music Department Fundraiser.  This is an incredibly important event for us.  We are so lucky to have such a strong and successful music program here at Riverside.  There are nearly 1000 kids grades 5-8 involved in band, orchestra, or choir.  And a program of that size can’t run on its own, without a little help.  Our fundraiser allows us, the directors, to provide amazing musical experiences for your children.

The funds brought in during this fundraiser help with:

  • Music for Concerts
  • New Instruments and Equipment
  • Instrument Repairs
  • Entrance Fees for Competitions and Contests
  • Bus Fees for Field Trips (ISSMA, King’s Island, ISO Trips, other)
  • Visits and Workshops with Guest Musicians
  • Sectional Coaches

And, most importantly, our 6th Grade Adjunct Teachers.  I could not teach the beginning program on my own; can you imagine the classroom situation!  Our assistant teachers give so much of their time helping and teaching the 130+ beginners.  We currently have eight AMAZING men and women who come to Riverside each week.  They are top-notch professional musicians and teachers in their own right, lending their talents to our program.  Without the fundraiser, I can’t afford to bring them in.

We are asking each student to help our cause.  Century Resources has been a great program in the past, and we are excited to work with them again.  Your child hopefully brought home all the information today.  If you need more information, let me know.  This is a fast fundraiser – forms are due back to me by the day before Spring Break – March 31st. That is next Thursday (mmmm, Spring Break!)

Century Resources also provides online sales for out-of-town family and friends who may wish to support the program.  You can find their website here:  Century Resources . Click on “Shop Now” and enter your child’s school and name.  Any sales will be credited to their name.  Even better, the items ship directly to the customer – no pickup or delivery on your part!

Thank you so very much in advance!  I am ever grateful to have such supportive families in the orchestra program.

March 16, 2016
by Mrs. Kitchell
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Final ISSMA Information

Just a quick reminder of the essential ISSMA Contest information:

All students should enter DOOR #9.

Parents/audience should enter DOOR #7

CONCERT Orchestra Call: 5:15pm. Performance: 6:05pm

SYMPHONY Orchestra Call: 6:30pm. Performance: 7:20pm

PHILHARMONIC Orchestra Call: 7:45pm. Performance: 8:35pm


The event is free and open.  You are welcome to come early and hear other schools perform.  Please note that once a group starts, you will not be allowed in the auditorium until after they have totally finished.

Cellos and basses may use a school instrument or their home one.  All students MUST have the proper orchestra uniform: black orchestra shirt, black dressy bottoms, black dressy shoes.  NO jeans, leggings, or sneakers!

Contact Mrs. Kitchell with any questions.  Looking forward to a great evening of performances!

March 3, 2016
by Mrs. Kitchell
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ISSMA Organizational & Pictures

Hello parents!  Just two quick pieces of information:

  1. We will be having our group picture taken on Tuesday, March 8th! Students should wear or bring their orchestra uniform to school so we can look good!  Please let me know if you have any questions!
  2. I am still waiting for a full and final schedule, but we will definitely be performing on Friday night, March 18th for ISSMA.  Yay!  Location and schedule to follow very shortly.

Thank you!  Please let me know if you have any questions!