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November 17, 2017
by Mrs. Kitchell
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ISSMA Solo/Ensemble

Hello!  Here is a copy of the ISSMA Solo/Ensemble form.

Remember the due date is Monday, November 20th.  No exceptions!

See Mrs. Kitchell if you have any questions.

ISSMA S & E Info Form

October 5, 2017
by Mrs. Kitchell
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Helping Houston Area Schools

I wanted to mention something on my mind.  We all know that there has been an excess of hurt and devastation in our nation in recent weeks.  It has weighed heavy on my mind, and I have been trying to find a way to help out.  I’m sure many of you have felt the same, or have already found ways to assist those in need. There are currently several fundraisers ongoing at RJH, as well as other HSE Schools, to help with relief efforts in Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

A dear colleague of mine is an orchestra teacher in Houston.  His school is ok, as is he; however, he directed me to the Texas Music Educators Association – they have put together a centralized site for schools who need help.  Music is a massive part of the Texas school community; much like the Central Indy area, performing arts are highly valued, and programs are enormous and successful.  Several schools in the Houston area have lost everything, including their entire stock of instruments and music.  I couldn’t imagine being those directors, and thought I would spotlight a few orchestra programs who could use help recovering what they have lost.

TMEA’s Centralized Site:


CE King Middle School (Sheldon ISD):


Kingwood High School (Humble ISD)



Please do NOT feel obligated to donate; I completely understand if you are unable, or uninterested, for any reasons.  I simply wanted to offer up some options for families for whom, like me, wanted to find a way to help, in a directed and relatable way.

Be well,

Mrs. Kitchell